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Upper Clements Community Hall is a 1200 square foot facility located at 2951 Highway 1, Upper Clements, Nova Scotia.  The building dates back to the 1890's when the old Ryerson School was constructed. Following the closing of the school in the late 1940's, the building was used as a private dwelling, and became a community centre in 1983.  The Upper Clements and District Community Association (UCDCA) was then formed, and its members have become the custodians of the Upper Clements Community Hall.

The UCDCA is a non profit, volunteer-run organization whose mandate is to operate a welcoming  facility (Upper Clements Hall) for the benefit of community members.  It relies on volunteers, donations, and infrastructure initiatives for program development, operations, and financial support.

Our Hall is available for use by the community through a booking process, and is open to volunteers seeking to develop new programs and events.

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