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Page content currently under development due to influence of COVID on program delivery.

If you would like more information or think that you may wish to participate in any capability please CONTACT US 

How-to Network for Seniors

Started as a New Horizons for Seniors Initiative intended to grow community wide

Due to COVID - the capital investment has progressed but the program has been delayed until restrictions allow for public participation.

A brief description of the planned program is presented below.

Project Objective:


Establish a network of skilled senior volunteers willing to provide advice and guidance to other seniors and others in such areas as:
  • Dealing with technology for seniors

  • Healthy living for seniors

  • Do-it-yourself projects

  • Leisure, entertainment, and hobbies

  • Discussions of concerns and individual interests


Resources Available to the Network:

Venue - Upper Clements Community Hall:

  • Usable all seasons

  • Set up to facilitate discussion in comfort

  • Presentation capability


  •  Printing

  •  Copying

  •  Scanning

  •  Searching on-line

Help and advice from skilled senior volunteers on such topics as:

  •  Filling forms on-line

  •  Do it yourself projects

  •  Household repairs

  •  Where to get help

  •  Dealing and using information technologies

  •  Presentations on such topics as: new government initiatives, healthy living, health resources ,and emerging   issues

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