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Ongoing and Anticipated Activities

The development of an Upper Clements Hall clientele, as with other community centres, was severely compromised by the ongoing COVID outbreaks.  Nonetheless, Upper Clements was kept open for restricted use.  In addition to private functions a few ongoing activities having limited participation were able to continue. 

Ongoing Activities During COVID Period:

Limited participation social events and private functions

Serenity Seekers Branch of AA – Ongoing since December, the group meets weekly


Vendors market – operates twice a year, was open in fall 2020                    Contact:

CVITP Free Tax Clinic – Operates from February – to – April                       Contact:

Oldies movies                                                                                                     Contact:


Games night                                                                                                        Contact: volunteer leader sought


Cribbage group                                                                                                   Contact: volunteer leader sought




Volunteers wishing to develop an activity /event or wish to lead one of the above events please contact us

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